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Hindustan gold company was established in the year 2017. The founding company CMM Groups has been in business for almost 20 years after starting its first company in the year 1999. The list of sectors in which CMM Groups has invested are,
1. Land Banking
2. Builders & Developers
3. Garments
4. Mining
5. Import & Export
6. Property Investors
7. Society Developers
8. Finance Consultants
9. Gold Mining in South Africa
After successfully running multiple business in different sectors, the parent company finally stepped into the Retail sector for gold by starting “Hindustan Gold Company (HGC)”. Within HGC, the first division was started in November 2017 for buying used gold Jewelers directly from consumers at “Current Online Price”.
With its head office at RT Nagar Bangalore, the company has expanded to 15 branches in karnataka in just 3 months. We are now a multi million dollar company with a turn over of 15 to 20 crores/month.
Even though we were not the first in the business of gold buying, we are regarded by our customers as the honest and the best Gold buyers till date. We test and weigh our customers gold in plain view so that they can see what they are being paid for so as to maintain 100% transparency and customer satisfaction. “Honesty is our core mantra”.
Due to this extreme transparent process we follow, we got our ISO:9001 certificate in just 2 months of starting this business in Jan 2018. We are coming up with 31 new branches in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We have a total target of 500 plus branches by end of 2018 all over India.
After setting up a new standard in gold buying, Hindustan Gold Company has setup a new division to work on savings bank and Gold Selling to the consumers simultaneously using an ingenious concept. This uses the technology to the fullest for the benefit of consumer.
From the time gold was first discovered and mined, people have always been having a special relation with it irrespective of their belonging. Especially women have made gold more of a necessity rather than luxury.
Because of the ever increasing population, the price of gold has been increasing from 1947 till today. The price of gold was RS.9/ gram in 1947 which increased to RS.170/ gram by 1997 and has increased to RS. 3100/ gram by 2017.
If we observe the trend, the price of gold has increased by 17 times in first forty years and has increased by 20 times in last twenty years. Continuing on this path, the price of gold can be anywhere between RS.50,000/gram to RS.1,00,000/gram in next 20 years.
Looking at the trend in increase of gold prices, it is very unlikely for a common man to be able to buy gold until & unless it’s planned and saved over a period of months and years. The alternatives is to invest and save gold for future needs by investing in proper way of getting benefits in buying gold. Even for your yearly needs, it is tough to pay thousand and lakhs at one shot while purchasing gold which includes a lot of making and wastage charges.
Is it not easy if you can save daily/weekly/monthly according to your income and pickup the ornaments of your choice without any extra charges (You can take home every milligram of gold). You don’t have to pay before a specific date of the month like chit funds. Save whenever you can and take a break at your wish. “No Commitments & No Tensions”.
For long term savings we cannot afford to buy gold whenever we need. First thing when a baby is born, we think of all the occasions and celebrations to be performed till their marriage. We also try to plan our financials for them using our savings, loans, credit card, insurance, chit funds etc. What all these things have in common is the monthly payment to be done by a specific date incurring charges otherwise. Also there is a lot of uncertainty in all these methods.
If we consider any occasion, the biggest expenses is gold Jewellery and you cannot plan the price of gold in long term.
HGC has come up with a gold savings bank first time in India. We have an opportunity of investment in gold from RS 1 with no maximum savings limit and no term limitation.
Our basic principles of Gold Savings Bank:
1. Save in gold from Rs.1 and we have no upper limit to save
2. Save on daily/weekly or montly basis without any term restrictions
3. Buy for tomorrow at today’s price

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Welcome to Hindustan Gold Bank

Welcome to Hindustan Gold Bank. A gold purchase plus savings bank by Hindustan gold company. "Save in gold according to your needs and without any term limits."

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